What Makes Us Different

How are we unique and different from other physical therapy services?

We treat each patient in a private room, assess the patient from a total body approach on the first visit and reassess and modify the therapy program every visit thereafter. We do not use physical therapy assistants or physical therapy technicians. Our treatments are one on one, hands on in nature and utilize no machinery or physical therapy modalites. We see patients weekly for a brief period of time. After improvement is noted and symptoms allow, patients are seen every two weeks and even monthly. Appointments are from 60 minutes to 70 minutes. 

We place a strong emphasis on continuing education and learning. And as we learn new programs, exercise progressions and treatment methodology are incorporated into our treatment. This continual learning establishes and maintains a high level of quality and continuity of care that is constantly evolving.

Our treatment approach is very eclectic and is a blend of many proven treatment methods that are used in the physical therapy profession. Our approach utilizes manual therapy in conjunction with postural correction, movement education and appropriate exercise progressions. This educational and treatment process facilitates patients to take an active role in their recovery which helps attain a more favorable outcome with lasting results.

We extend an invitation for you to participate in physical therapy that is tailored to your needs and provided in a private, one on one, relaxed and friendly atmosphere.