70 year old with stenosis, low back and right hip pain is hiking 7-8 miles without problems

A 70 year old who began kayaking in his mid-60’s presented with low back, right SI, and right buttock pain.  His pain began after lifting his kayak off the ground and straining his low back.  After attempting to deal with the pain on his own he sought the advice of his general practitioner.  After examining him she determined the need for diagnostic imaging.

29 year old former world silver medalist kayaker returns to winning ways after a significant back injury

This patient is a 29-year-old competitive kayaker seen September 2, 2010. He complained of low back left hip and leg paresthesia of 9 months duration. 18 months ago he took a major hit while kayaking on the right side of the boat. Sitting in his kayak increases left hip and left leg symptoms. Kayaking is how he makes a living.

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