Frequently Asked Questions

Is physical therapy covered by my insurance company?
Most insurance companies help pay for physical therapy. However, we no longer participate with Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Tri-Care, Crescent, Medcost, Mission Hospital (Healthscope) and other private insurance companies.  If you want to use your insurance for physical therapy , we would happy to recommend practices that take insurance. Our cash rate is $80 for an hour appointment. Considering when many therapist see return patients 40 minutes for a copay of $40 - $50, $80 for 60 minutes is not out of line. You, the patient, have to decide if it is worth it.

Do I need a referral for physical therapy?
North Carolina does not require a referral from a physician to receive physical therapy. Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina usually covers physical therapy without a referral. However, Medicare requires a referral from a physician, physician assistant, clinical nurse specialist and/or nurse practitioner for physical therapy. Likewise, some private insurance companies require a referral to provide insurance coverage. It is wise to call your private insurance company to determine whether or not you need a referral. We do not need a referal to see you.

Can I choose my physical therapist?
The decision of where you receive physical therapy is yours. Not all physical therapists practice the same way. Sometimes your physician may recommend a specific therapist or practice. Ask your friends for their input. You can ask to go to the therapist of your choice. Sometimes, the insurance company may require you to go to a specific practice that is in their network. Even if a practice is not in network with your specific insurance company, many insurance plans have out of network options that still provide coverage. You have the right to choose use your therapist.

When do I know I need to see a physical therapist?
In European countries a physical therapist is the first one you see when you have an ache or pain. In these countries there is far less back and neck surgery occurring in comparison to the United States. Thus, from a preventative standpoint it is wise to see a physical therapist when you have a lingering ache or pain in your body. A physical therapist can prevent a minor problem becoming a major problem. Financially, it is also wise to see a physical therapist. The Wall Street Journal recently published an article citing a physical therapist as the primary care provider for musculoskeletal problems. In comparison, seeing the physician, the specialist and imaging before seeing a physical therapist takes more time and cost more. European countries figured this out decades ago.

Can physical therapy help me?
The amount of help the patient receives from physical therapy varies from case to case and patient to patient. You could find help in 1-2 visits or it may take 6-8 visits to get on the right track. Not all physical therapist practice the same way. Our expertise has earned the reputation of being the last stop shop. In other words, we have helped numerous patients who have seen other physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists and personal trainers. Our track record also shows we get patients better faster. Under the Who We Help tab on this website you can read how physical therapy in our office has helped various conditions.